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By Marcus Veda

The Kleshas are the personal obstacles that stand in the way of your path towards enlightenment. We all have unconscious habits and patterns; the things we are drawn to and the things we avoid.

Through the practice of yoga we can start to notice how much the subconscious controls our everyday actions, and gradually begin to see things as they are, not the way we assume them to be.

Perhaps the greatest obstacle is Abhinivesa orĀ fear, of the unknown or of being alone; the doubts we have about ourselves and about other people.

The fear of failure or shame can stop us from trying anything at all. The fear of change keeps us stuck where we are. There is healthy fear in the face of imminent danger, and then there is the fear that holds us back from moving forward. See if you can tell the difference on and off the mat this week.

Marcus Veda is a senior Yoga teacher. He teaches online and across London. Find his upcoming class schedule here and discover more about Marcus here.

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