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By Lynn Martyn

Recently, I’ve had several friends in the hospital with COVID-19 here in Northern Italy. It’s always a helpless feeling when someone you care about is in hospital, but it’s magnified when you know they are being held in isolation units. On top of that, their families were quarantined at home after being exposed to the virus, or worse, they were sick and isolated in other hospitals as well.

I’m a daily meditator for my own mental balance and attempted betterment. But it was out of sheer desperation and a feeling of deep helplessness that I started meditating for them. I had never done this before…meditated for someone else. But I don’t know how everything in the universe works so if there was a chance that my positive energy could break through the hospital walls and into the isolation units, I was willing to try. I started doing this 10 breath mantra meditation daily to send them health and healing and help them feel less alone.

I often begin the yoga classes I teach with a short five-breath mantra — in other words, repeating a word or phrase in sync with the inhale and exhale. So this meditation sprung naturally from that and I did it for weeks on end until my friends were dismissed from the hospital, or sadly, they were not.

The gist of this short breathing meditation is simple: repeating the follwowing mantra in time with the inhalation and exhalation for 10 breaths:

  • breathe in healthy healing air
  • breathe out inflammation and virus

Variations can include:

  • breathe in companionship
  • breathe out loneliness


  • breathe in strength
  • breathe out fear and weakness

Woven through the meditation is the fundamental concept: “you are not alone”.

As Italy was one of countries first hit hard by the virus and the virus was quickly spreading to the rest of Europe and beyond, I created this three-minute meditation on YouTube to share it with others. If you need this, I hope it can help someone you love too. Note: As a side benefit, it’s also very calming for the person meditating.

Lynn Martyn is a biologist and experienced, trained vinyasa yoga teacher. Yoga has been an integral part of her life for more than 13 years. Lynn’s YouTube channel was created with the mission to keep her students, family, and friends’ children moving and healthy during COVID-19 lockdown.

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