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Some classes you find on our timetable — listed below — are bookable using a top up card, FlowCard.

To learn more about FlowCard, go here, or click on any class below to book.

Wed 30 Sep8:001hrMorning YogaAll LevelsNat
Wed 30 Sep9:001hrVinyasaIntermediateKate
Wed 30 Sep10:001hr30Yogasana (Indaba Online)All LevelsAmanda
Wed 30 Sep10:001hr15Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Wed 30 Sep10:301hr30Dharma (Triyoga Shoreditch)IntermediateEmi
Wed 30 Sep12:001hrDharmaL1/2Ambra
Wed 30 Sep14:151hrVinyasa FlowIntermediateCarly
Wed 30 Sep17:0045minsSlow FlowBeginnerRosie
Wed 30 Sep17:301hr30Dharma (Triyoga Chelsea)IntermediateEmi
Wed 30 Sep18:001hr15Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Wed 30 Sep18:001hr30Wednesday Night FeverL2Marcus
Wed 30 Sep18:001hrLow & Slow
Wed 30 Sep18:001hrYinAll LevelsLouise
Wed 30 Sep18:151hr15Power YogaAll LevelsBecca
Wed 30 Sep18:301hr30Vinyasa All LevelsAhmed
Wed 30 Sep20:0030minsBreathwork (IG Live)All LevelsJames limbs
Thu 1 Oct7:001hrVinyasaIntermediateSarah
Thu 1 Oct7:0055minsVinyasa Sattva YogaIntermediateAshley
Thu 1 Oct7:451hrHathaIntermediateLouise
Thu 1 Oct10:001hr30Vinyasa Open (Triyoga Shoreditch)All Levels Marcus
Thu 1 Oct10:001hr30Dharma OnlineAll LevelsEmi
Thu 1 Oct10:001hr15Vinyasa Krama (Triyoga Online)IntermediateAram
Thu 1 Oct10:301hr30Yogasana (Indaba)AdvancedStewart
Thu 1 Oct12:001hrLow & Slow
Thu 1 Oct12:151hr15Vinyasa (Triyoga Chelsea)All LevelsAmanda
Thu 1 Oct13:001hrVinyasa OpenAll LevelsRita Mangan
Thu 1 Oct16:001hr30Wall Yoga - Forward folds, Seated Postures and TwistsAll LevelsNat
Thu 1 Oct17:301hr30Dharma OnlineIntermediateEmi
Thu 1 Oct18:001hrFlow to Yin & Meditation (Free IG Live)All LevelsSarah
Thu 1 Oct18:001hr15Evil Power flowIntermediateDora
Thu 1 Oct18:001hrStretch & ToneBeginnerRita Mangan
Thu 1 Oct18:151hr15Movement FlowIntermediateKim
Thu 1 Oct18:301hrVinyasaIntermediateVanessa Hatton
Thu 1 Oct18:451hr15Vinyasa IntermediateAna
Thu 1 Oct19:001hrGokul VinyasaL2Ambra
Thu 1 Oct19:2055minsSpiritual Class Online (Free)All LevelsEmi limbs
Thu 1 Oct19:301hrVinyasa FlowIntermediateRosie
Thu 1 Oct21:001hrYoga NidraBeginnerRita Mangan
Fri 2 Oct2:001hrBody Love FlowAll LevelsCarly
Fri 2 Oct8:0020minsBreathwork (IG Live)All LevelsJames limbs
Fri 2 Oct8:001hr15Ashtanga Half PrimaryIntermediateAshley
Fri 2 Oct10:001hr30Dharma (Yoga Rise Covent Garden)IntermediateEmi
Fri 2 Oct10:001hr30Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Fri 2 Oct10:301hr30Yogasana (Triyoga Shoreditch)AdvancedStewart
Fri 2 Oct14:001hrMandala VinyasaAll LevelsJulie
Fri 2 Oct14:151hr30Dharma (Triyoga Camden)All Levels Emi
Fri 2 Oct17:001hr15Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Fri 2 Oct18:001hrFriday Night Yin ClubBeginnerLouise
Fri 2 Oct18:301hr30Dharma (Indaba)IntermediateEmi
Sat 3 Oct1:001hrSlow FlowIntermediateKate
Sat 3 Oct9:151hrAshtanga VinyasaIntermediateMarina
Sat 3 Oct10:001hr30Full Yoga PracticeAll LevelsSarah
Sat 3 Oct10:001hr30Vinyasa (Triyoga Shoreditch)L2+Marcus
Sat 3 Oct10:001hr30Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Sat 3 Oct10:001hr10JivamuktiIntermediateMaggie
Sat 3 Oct10:301hr15VinyasaIntermediateAna
Sat 3 Oct11:002hrsVinyasaAdvancedAhmed
Sat 3 Oct11:451hr15Dharma (Triyoga Chelsea)All Levels Emi
Sat 3 Oct13:001hrYoga
Sat 3 Oct14:302hrsDharma Masterclass (Indaba)AdvancedEmi
Sat 3 Oct17:001hr30Yogasana (Indaba)All LevelsAmanda
Sun 4 Oct3:001hrRestorativeAll LevelsKate
Sun 4 Oct9:301hrMandala Vinyasa FlowIntermediateMariel
Sun 4 Oct9:301hr30Dharma Yoga (Yoga Rise)L2Emi
Sun 4 Oct10:001hr30Yogasana (Indaba)AdvancedStewart
Sun 4 Oct10:301hr30Vinyasa (Triyoga Shoreditch)L2Aram
Sun 4 Oct11:001hr30Fluidity, Flexibility & PrecisionIntermediateNat
Sun 4 Oct11:001hr15Yogasana (Yoga Rise Streatham)IntermediateAmanda
Sun 4 Oct12:302hrDharma with extra Spiritual PracticeAll LevelsEmi
Sun 4 Oct12:451hrDynamic Flow (Yoga Rise Streatham)All LevelsAmanda
Sun 4 Oct14:001hrChair Yoga Sun SalutationAll
Sun 4 Oct17:001hr40Sunday Service L2+Marcus
Sun 4 Oct17:001hr30Yogasana (Indaba)All LevelsAmanda
Sun 4 Oct17:001hrDynamic Vinyasa FlowAll LevelsJulie
Sun 4 Oct19:0045minsYoga NidraBeginnerNicola
Sun 4 Oct20:0030minsBreathwork (IG Live)All LevelsJames limbs
Sun 4 Oct20:0030minsGong Bath (IG Live)All LevelsAthena
Mon 5 Oct7:301hrVinyasaIntermediateLouise De
Mon 5 Oct10:001hr30Dharma OnlineIntermediateEmi
Mon 5 Oct10:001hr15Yogasana (Triyoga Online)AdvancedStewart
Mon 5 Oct10:001hrHot Yoga (Triyoga Chelsea)All LevelsAmanda
Mon 5 Oct13:151hr15Vinyasa (Light Centre Belgravia)All LevelsAmanda
Mon 5 Oct16:001hr30Dharma (Triyoga Chelsea)IntermediateEmi
Mon 5 Oct18:001hr30Vinyasa (Triyoga Shoreditch)L2Marcus
Mon 5 Oct18:001hrOpen Level Vinyasa FlowAll LevelsRita Mangan
Mon 5 Oct18:151hr15RocketIntermediateSarah
Mon 5 Oct18:301hr30Yogasana (Indaba)AdvancedStewart
Mon 5 Oct18:301hrYogasana (Yoga Rise)All LevelsAmanda
Mon 5 Oct18:301hr15Vinyasa IntermediateAna
Mon 5 Oct18:301hr30Ashtanga Full PrimaryAdvancedAshley
Mon 5 Oct19:151hr30Dharma OnlineAll LevelsEmi
Mon 5 Oct19:451hrHathaIntermediateLouise
Tue 6 Oct7:301hrMorning HathaIntermediateLouise
Tue 6 Oct7:301hrVinyasa Sattva YogaIntermediateAshley
Tue 6 Oct8:301hr15Dynamic VinyasaIntermediateCamilla
Tue 6 Oct10:001hr30Vinyasa (Triyoga Shoreditch)L2Marcus
Tue 6 Oct10:301hr30Yogasana (Indaba)AdvancedStewart
Tue 6 Oct12:001hrBottle RocketL2Ambra
Tue 6 Oct12:301hr30Dharma (Triyoga Shoreditch)IntermediateEmi
Tue 6 Oct16:001hr30Wall Yoga - Forward folds, Seated Postures and TwistsAll LevelsNat
Tue 6 Oct17:3030minsKids Pyjama
Tue 6 Oct18:001hr30Yogasana (Indaba)All LevelsAmanda
Tue 6 Oct18:001hrVinyasa Flow Level 1-2IntermediateAmy
Tue 6 Oct18:001hr30Vinyasa KramaIntermediateAram
Tue 6 Oct18:001hrDynamic Vinyasa FlowAll LevelsJulie
Tue 6 Oct18:001hr30Forrest YogaL1/2Ambra
Tue 6 Oct18:301hr30Dharma (Indaba)IntermediateEmi
Tue 6 Oct19:001hrLow & Slow
Tue 6 Oct19:001hrEvening Vinyasa Flow with YinBeginnerMarina
Tue 6 Oct19:001hrYin (Triyoga Shoredtich)All LevelsMarcus
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